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Junior Golf Program

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2018 Junior Program Overview

2018 Junior Program Registration Form

The Sutton Creek Golf Club Junior Program will develop athletes, teach golf skills and create a love for golf along the way.  Golf is a difficult sport and takes decades to master.  Our goal was to design a Junior Program for the long term athletic development of our Juniors to help them become the best all around adults and athletes they can be.  We will work to increase fundamental movements and athletic skills along with proper morals and values that will increase their love for all sports.

Most golf programs were designed by an adult with an adult state of mind: these are not for children.  Juniors don’t find it fun to hit balls for an hour or walk quietly for 4 hours on the golf course.  Most Junior Programs also focus on one dimension of golf… the swing.  We focus on developing functional skills that will cross between all sports and activities and improve long term health and wellness.

The program is based on the CN Future links programs.  Your Head Instructor Cory LaJeunesse, will lead the Juniors in their journey through our 4 levels of development.  Each level will have a golf skill set and a physical skill set that will need to be mastered before they will be able to advance to the next level.  This ensures that all basics of sport are achieved before moving ahead which is essential to proper development.

This program is unlike any in Canada.  We are at the forefront of young athlete development and are very excited to get the children on the right track to success! Children may be more advanced in physical skill than golf skill, which is normal, but to reach the next level in either, they must be able to pass the test administered by one of the coaches on testing day.  Each child will have a clear road map ahead of what needs to be accomplished to achieve their next level and along with weekly participation in our classes, they are encouraged to practice on their own with parents or coaches.

We will be measuring height and weight once a month to keep track on growth rates so we know what we need to focus on for proper development.  Remember, this is a long term athletic development program, the more information we know, the more successful we will be.

Each child will receive an exceptional learning experience led by a Future Links Certified coaching staff, creating fun, friendship and a love for golf.