Course Conditions #GrumpySuper

#GrumpySuper here

Well, it looks like it is dry.... until you walk down a fairway *slosh slosh slosh*, or plug your ball into that swamp *spluge*. 

Little did we know that all the carts were sent back to the dealer, as it looks like we will not be needing them for this season. Back to the way that golf was intended to be played. 

Thank you for the understanding. 

Just kidding, we still have them. 

Well fingers crossed we will not get these rains tonight and tomorrow. 

We hope you like the new flags and pin indicators, as we are loving them.

When the little red flag is near the bottom of the pole, that means it is a front pin, middle means middle, and top means back pin.


The Staff and Management Team at Sutton Creek Golf Club